Top 10 Casino Slot Machine Tips & Myths


Before cashing in your Casino Coupons, whether it’s a deal for free slot play or a trip to the buffet, here are our Top 10 Casino Slot Machine Tips.

Learning these tips on how to win on slot machines will give you the advantage over the others. These tips for beating slots work for all machines, from penny slot machines to the Jackpot Party Casino Slots.


  1. All Casino Slot Machine spins are random

Don’t believe that casino slot machines are programmed to payout. Multiple studies have proven that all spins are random, regardless if the slot machine just paid out or not. All spins are random, having nothing to do with previous spins.


  1. A Player’s Card won’t increase your odds – but use it for the comps

People are still convinced that inserting a Player’s Card in a slot machine will increase their odds of winning. This is just a myth; as stated above, every spin is random – regardless of using a Player’s Card. But you should use a Casino Player’s Card due to the endless comps casinos provide to get you back.


  1. Slot Machines in heavy traffic areas don’t pay more

Another misconception involves the location of a slot machine. Many are under the impression that the more traffic, the better the odds. This is completely false. A machine near a highly trafficked bar in a casino will do the same as the one tucked away in some quiet corner.


  1. Simple Casino games usually have better odds – think reels over video machines

Playing a simple reel slot machine usually has better odds, and costs less to play full credits. Video machines are all the rage today, but sometimes a full-credit play can costs lots of money. Also, stick with one-line slot machines over multiple-line ones; a one-line slot machine has much better odds of winning.


  1. Full credits don’t increase your odds of winning at a slot machine

Playing full credits on a traditional slot machine won’t increase your chances of winning, though the payout will be much lower. But it’s wise to always play full credits on progressive slot machines, such as the popular Wheel of Fortune. The idea is to win the jackpot, right?


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  1. Press the button or pull the lever?

It doesn’t matter. Slot machine studies have shown that your odds are the same regardless if you pull the lever or hit the buttons. They both trigger the same slot machine mechanism the same exact way.


  1. Slot Machines with higher jackpots are harder to hit

This is true. The odds of hitting go down when the jackpot gets bigger. Example. The odds for a Double Diamond slot machine pays a 2500-coin jackpot has a 1 in 46,656 odds of winning. A Megabucks slot machine with a progressive jackpot of up to sometimes $30 million dollars has much harder odds to hit – 1 in 49,836,032!


  1. Higher the Credits, Higher the Odds

This is simple math; if a slot machine has a three-credit max limit, it will pay out better. If it has a 20-credit limit, the odds of hitting will much smaller. Also, it’s better to play one credit per line on a ¢25 machine versus five credits per line on a ¢5 machine.


  1. Know when to walk away

Set a losing and winning budget before hitting the casino slot machines, and know when to stop.


  1. Slow it down

Play slowly and enjoy the game. You may win, you may not, but you’ll surely enjoy your time at the casino.