Casino Comps Tips – Earn the Best Freebies

Casino Comps Secrets

compsa-and-tipsThe idea of a casino comps is simple – players are rewarded for their loyalty through complimentary services. These comps are usually in the form of food, rooms, beverages, or free slot play. Think of comps as a casino’s rationalization tool for the gamers who lose, and a stimulation tool for the gamers who win.

Comps help casinos achieve other motives, also. Winners are comped to help keep them playing (the casinos hope to garner some money back), and losers are comped to soothe the pain (the casinos hope the losers will return and continue gaming).

Regardless of the philosophy, casino comps reward players with freebies that all gamers should utilize. Who doesn’t love freebies?

So here are a few casino comps tips to help you earn the best casino comps, highlighted by the two vital comp rules – get a player’s card and ask about comps.

Sign up for a Player’s Card

Don’t follow the hype that a player’s card brings bad luck – all slots are random, and using a player’s card at a table game won’t alter any chance of winning. A player’s card is tool for casino software to record how much time you’re playing, and how much money you’re spending. Remember – casino comps are based on how much you play, not how much you lose.

While signing up for a card, check online and/or with casino staff to see if there are any sign-on bonuses. Many casinos provide up to $25 worth of free slot play for first-time card users. Also, provide a home address and allow the casino to send snail mail. Casinos usually have monthly promotions, including free slot play, free or discounted rooms, and meal discounts.

Most US casinos, especially those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, offer between 10- and 15-percent comps based on a player’s expected loss, which is calculated through various formulas. Casinos don’t offer cash back, but rather comps in the form of free slot plays, food or other resort amenities.

Just like other business, casinos have slow days. During these down days, many Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos offer extra points, so take advantage of them – earn more comp points for less money and time spent gambling.

Casino Comps: Ask and You’ll Likely Receive

The largest mistake players can make is keeping their mouths shut. Ask about comps, whether a discounted room rate or a free buffet. Make sure to inquire while playing slots, or, if at a table game such as Poker or Blackjack, after you have gamed for a bit. Whether food discounts of casino rates for hotel rooms, the casino staff will likely offer something.

Regarding hotel rooms, the best rate you’ll ever get is the casino rate, especially Sunday through Thursday. When asking about casino room rates on these days, pit bosses and casino staff are likely able to offer a reduced room rate, which can be up to 60 percent off.

And when asking, remember the human factor of being nice – gratitude can go a long way! This works regardless of how much you play. This is especially true at table games. Be nice to pit bosses – they are the ones who track your table-game action. Think about playing 22 minutes and getting comped for a half-hour instead of 20 minutes; being courteous can help you garner extra comp points.

Also, the first few table-game bets are usually what pit bosses record in their system, which can earn a player additional comps. So make the buy-in bigger at the beginning. Also remember the advice of “win big, tip big.” When tips are big, pit posses may amp up your playing time.

Casino Comp Points: Use Them or Lose Them & Tricks to Earn Extra Points

This is simple advice. Casino comp points expire, usually within a year, so use them or lose them.

Also, there are tricks to earning extra player’s card points. If you’re out with a friend or your significant other who doesn’t frequent the casino as much, let them use one of your duplicate cards. Also, if you are playing a table game and decide to eat, have the pit boss hold your seat – you’ll likely get comped for that time away.
Regardless if you’re a high roller or a yearly visitor, Casino comps are an added bonus in the exciting world of playing slots and table games. Money is already being spent, so why not take advantage of some freebies? That free slot play may or not make you rich, but you’ll likely have a full stomach before the day – or evening – ends.