Wow! Even Poker Has Etiquette Rules

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Posted in Casino News Dec 07, 2017 3:57 AM

People often assume poker is an all-male sport and that it is played in a smoke-filled room, where players drink beer and make lewd comments. This is not always the case. Poker is a legitimate sport and comes with its own set of etiquette rules. Following some basic etiquette laws can make the game enjoyable for everyone.

To begin, avoid playing slowly. While you may like to carefully consider all of your options, another player may become bored or frustrated waiting for you to make a decision. Drawing out the game on purpose is rude and inconsiderate.

Another rule is to avoid splashing the pot or throwing your chips into the current pot. Throwing your chips makes it harder for other players to determine your bet. Also, it may be considered rude or disrespectful of the people you are playing with.

Another important rule of poker etiquette is to wait your turn. This means you should avoid betting actions until it is your turn. Not only is it annoying to other players, it will give players an advantage of having information about your hand before they bet.

It is also considered to be in poor taste to string your bets. This means do not try to fool your opponents by making them think that you are betting more or less than what you really are. Do not make grand gestures with you chips, only to throw in a few. Also, avoid drawing the bet out by putting in chips a little at a time. Try to place your bet in one action.

It is also inappropriate to purposely avoid blinds when they are required. Certain games, such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha, require blinds and it is unacceptable for a player to intentionally leave the table when it is their turn to pay.

One of the most important and most obvious rules of poker etiquette is to refrain being a jerk. Though the stakes may be high and emotions can flare it is important to remain classy when playing poker. Avoid using profanity or vulgar language, and being unnecessarily rude to other players or the dealer.

It is also against the rules of poker etiquette to be in collusion with another player. Any form of cheating is not only unethical it is also strictly forbidden at all poker games. You should also avoid playing soft playing other plays. You should always play with your own self-interest in mind. 

It is also important to show your winning hand quickly. It isn’t polite to allow your opponent to think they have won by slow rolling your hand. You should refrain from asking to see what cards may have appeared if you had bet. This is called rabbit hunting and is frowned upon at most poker tables.

It is also considered rude to talk on your cell phone while the game is in progress. It is also inappropriate to make comments about possible hands or to give advice to other players. 

Another rule of etiquette is to discard your hand towards the dealer and close to the table as possible. This is so other players cannot see what you’ve discarded. It is important to not show any cards until the showdown.

Poker etiquette can be looked at as a set of manners intended to maintain the game and the civility amongst its players. A player that repeatedly violates the rules of poker etiquette should be talked to. They may not know what they are doing is offensive. If after the initial warning they continue their uncouth behavior you may want to ask them to leave the game.

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